What are the costs associated with becoming a caregiver?

Want to be a medicinal marijuana caregiver in the great state of Massachusetts?  You will have many questions and we are here to help with the answers.

The State of Massachusetts requires persons applying to be a caregivers to complete a criminal background check and submit all of the required paperwork.  In order to begin cultivating medicine, a caregiver must first have a qualifying patient designate them as their exclusive caregiver on a state application. 

Here is an example of typical setup costs:

  • The Caregiver license is yet to be determined
  • The maximum number of patients a caregiver can cultivate for is yet to be determined
  • Background check fee paid to the state TBD
  • Lights, tables, supplies and other equipment ($1,500+)
  • Monthly Operational Utilities ($200 -300+)

This is all general infomation at this point.  We have caregivers that have spent as little as $1,500 and as much as $50,000 in setting up their grow op. All of this is dependent on the following:

  • How handy you are with building rooms
  • How sophisticated your grow space will be
  • What growing medium you will use. I.E. Soil, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Deep Water Culture
  • Quality of growing equipment.

Caregivers operating a legally compliant business in cooperation with CCMA should expect to earn $20K to $40K or more per year in caregiver income. Contact CCMA today for program details.

Caregivers who become part of the CCMA network are expected to incorporate the Caregiver Best Practices.
  • Develop a personal relationship with your patient
  • Provide affordable medicine based on your patients income level and budget
  • Obey and respect the laws regarding medicinal marijuana
  • Offer innovative and frequent support to fellow caregivers in the CCMA network
  • Be available to your patient during reasonable hours